It turns out it was something more profound than fate that brought the 3 girls of the Witch Finger Podcast together.  For Yasmina Ketita, Megan Stinson and Morgan Lander, it was blood, guts, terror, and perhaps something even more sinister that forged their evil friendship.

Born in the same hospital, in the same city, in the same year, thousands of kilometers away from their now home town of London, Ontario, Yasmina and Morgan became fast friends at the age of 15 when Yasmina’s family moved up the street from Morgan's house, something rather fortuitous given their history.  The pair bonded over their love of heavy music, bad movies and all things dark, and spent many years of their friendship watching, reviewing and laughing at all the greatness the horror genre has to offer. “As a child, fantasy/adventure was appealing to me because I hated my home life so having an escape was always desired. When I first started getting into horror, it was the aspect of being scared that interested me because I knew it wasn't real yet I was drawn to how it caused so much fear. Then after I was a bit older, the special effects work captivated me and was much more aroused by gore,” says Yasmina.  Morgan recalls a similar, macabre fascination as a child.  “I have always been a bit morbid, and even as a child I had a deep rooted interest in death, the bizarre and the unexplained.  I have always thrived better in the darkness, and the enjoyment of being scared is a big part of that.”

The two met Megan through the local metal and bar scene in the city, and there was an instant connection.  Similar experiences as children and ideas about death and what makes one’s heart skip a beat in terror, solidified their bond.  “My mom started reading fantasy novels to me when I was very young which probably started my love of the supernatural.  My mom was and still is a huge Stephen King fan and introduced me to his books at a very young age. Her favourite genre of film is horror as well,” recalls Megan “so growing up I was never told that I was too young to watch any horror movies. It was encouraged which helped me gain a love for horror and anything frightening”

The girls are especially drawn to the groundbreaking special effects and often outrageous plots of the 80's, expressing both humour and admiration for the ingenious way that directors and writers were able to channel some of humanities greatest fears (and craziest nightmares) in such a way that keeps you entertained and left wondering "how did they think of that?" and "how did they do that?"  "There is something so human about a rubber monster covered in fake blood.  It's tangible and real, and in a 3 dimensional space, so it's more believable.  Plus I think there is a real artistry with make up and costumes that you just don't see in a more modern digital medium." Says Morgan.  

And so why a podcast to expose to the world some of their greatest fears and obsessions now?  "Well this is what we do all the time anyways so might as well record ourselves and put it on the internet!" Says Yasmina, "Plus we think we are pretty fucking funny so we think the world will too!" chimes in Morgan.  

The girls of the Witch Finger podcast live and breathe the horror genre and want to bring their insights and musings to the masses.  Yasmina, Megan and Morgan want to share their infatuation with horror with the rest of the world and want nothing more than to contribute and be a part of the horror community.  Yasmina sums up their dark devotion best;  "Horror it's a life style.  You don't see comedy, action or drama conventions.  Horror is exciting and an obsession because it is a part of our lives and defines who we are.  I'm intoxicated by it and get excited whenever I see a gruesome and disturbing scene!  The fact that they're still coming up with new ways to kill people is still impressive.  It's a community of fans much like a family because we all share a passion for horror and love showing off and talking about our collections of movies, toys, posters etc.  Horror movies are entertaining and are a great outlet from reality and when you meet people through the internet or conventions that are just like you, you develop friendships and realize there are so many others out there that are one of us! One of us!  One of us!"