Welcome to Grandma Megan's Book Nook!

Hello there, you bodacious bookys!


 Welcome to Grandma Megan’s Book Nook!

This is a space for me to spit some serious shit about all my favorite books, but it doesn’t stop there! I have a lot to say about audiobooks, graphic novels, comics, picture books, Where’s Waldos and last but certainly not least, retro pornography magazines! (Actually, I just came up with that last one now, but I’m kind of totally into it.)

I will also be sharing interviews with some of my favorite authors and artists so stay tuned the hell in!


Allow myself to introduce…myself.

My name is Megan Rae Stinson and I am one third of the Witchfinger Horror Podcast.  I am joined in audio with my lovelies Morgan the man-gina Lander and Yasmina Krotch-licker Ketita.  However, this book blog will be all me, baby.

If you’ve given the show a listen you already know that I’m uncensored, opinionated and a tad offensive and I shan’t be any different in this endeavor!

 The horror genre is my personal favorite but I truly appreciate any good content and you can look forward to hearing about works by Lovecraft, Munsch, and everywhere in between.  If you’re lucky I might even post some of my putrid (and slightly pathetic) poetry!  So put on your sluttiest fishnets, wrap yourself in your coziest afghan and grab a cocktail or two cause shits about to get all literal in this bitch!


Yours truly and ghoulie,